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The Internet Investigations Expert

Internet Investigations is a niche service. The Internet Investigators is a boutique investigative agency with over 20 years experience conducting complex online investigations. We’ve covered over 10,000 targets from piracy and counterfeit drugs to rogue Internet networks and mobile apps.

The typical business that contacts us is an Intellectual Property or Fortune 500 brand / law firm. These clients task us to identify how it works, who is operating it, and how to disrupt it or take it down. We supply them with evidence captures, affidavits, landscape reports, strategies, and court testimony.

Our experience is global. We’ve trained investigators and launched enforcement programs in over 40 countries. We also train law enforcement agents to help launch complex cases on behalf of our clients. We’re a licensed CA private investigator on a single mission:  Internet enforcement.

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Clients Typically Hire Us for These Investigations.

Website investigation counterfeit piracy
Website Investigations

Website Investigations

Determine how the website works, who is operating it, how it generates revenue, and how you can disrupt illicit operations with this investigation.

Investigation IP Address and network
IP Addresses / Rogue Networks

IP Addresses / Rogue Networks

Troubleshoot hosting and IP address locations. Identify rogue networks, the websites they host, and develop an enforcement strategy.

Piracy website investigation
Counterfeits / Piracy

Counterfeits / Piracy

Identify operators and all of their websites that infringe upon copyrights and trademarks. Develop strategies to disrupt or disable persistent operations.

Social media investigation Facebook Twitter
Social Media Investigations

Social Media Investigations

Connect screen names, emails, and profiles to people and their online profiles. Confirm their associations with websites and businesses via advanced social media research.

Payment processing advertising revenue investigation
Payment Processing

Payment Processing

Identify merchant accounts for industry referrals and track illicit proceeds through digital wallets and other accounts via online payment processing.

Online advertising investigation
Revenue / Advertising

Revenue / Advertising

Disrupt the revenue streams that drive illicit operators to your content or product by identifying and referring publisher accounts to networks for TOS violation review.

Affiliate Marketing Fraud Investigation
Affiliate Marketing / Fraud

Affiliate Marketing / Fraud

Identify the culprits, networks, and resources engaged in online fraud or misuse of your trademark. Map out the landscape and develop an enforcement plan.

Desktop and mobile app investigation
Mobile / Desktop Apps

Mobile / Desktop Apps

Locate and disassemble mobile and desktop applications to determine who prepared them and how they infringe upon your rights.

TV add-ons and specialty Internet investigations
Landscape Intelligence / Evidence

Landscape Intelligence / Evidence

An Internet landscape provides the foundation for your enforcement program. Identify suspects, their key resources, and revenue streams.

How We Do It: Internet Investigations.

We investigate every detail.

Internet investigations traceroute
Internet investigation DNS name servers

A website is made up from many pieces.  We trace down each piece and scour through the HTML for clues about the operation and the operator. In many cases, we’ll find related websites, domains, scripts, publisher codes and more that tie back to and help identify the  suspect.

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And then we look further.

Social media profile investigation

Many investigations lead us back to social networks.  Here, the screen names, email addresses, phone numbers, and other details bring us closer to identifying a person via sources like these:

  • Contact details: Domain registrations, forums, & more.

  • Shared resources:  DNS, SSL certificates, scripts.

  • Inbound/Outbound traffic: Hyperlinks & referrers.

  • Video: Recorded and live stream video locations.

  • Images: Hosting and geo-location data, where available.

  • Social Profiles: WordPress, forums, and more.

  • Public records:  Connect the social profiles with individuals.

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