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Internet Investigations is a niche service

The Internet Investigators is a boutique investigative agency specializing on Internet investigations with Intellectual Property, Brand Protection, Website and E-commerce applications.

Call us to handle your most critical Internet investigations.
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* Specialties include counterfeits, streaming, and downloads
* Detailed criminal referrals and evidence collection
* Hosting, Ad Network, and Payment Processing referrals
* Landscape Intelligence & Enforcement Strategies


Websites & Counterfeit Internet Investigations

Counterfeit Internet investigations lead to better brand protection strategies. Here’s why…
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Advertising & Payment Processor Referrals

Strategies that disrupt revenue streams like advertising and payment processing are more likely to shut sites down…
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Attorney Support

Expert witness testimony and evidence collection are best left to licensed and seasoned investigators with a successful court record..
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Expand your Internet investigations program with an online expert.
We’ve investigated over a thousand suspect website operators. Actually, we know many more by name.

We have also trained and assisted law enforcement and anti-piracy organizations in over 40 countries.

Counterfeit motion picture content, counterfeit and gray market pharmaceuticals form the foundation of our Internet investigations expertise. We’ve led some of the earliest and largest Intellectual property investigations in these areas to-date.

Start your next Internet investigation here with The Internet Investigators.

Areas of Expertise:
Social Media | Internet enforcement | Brand Protection | Counterfeits | Diversion | Domain investigations | Website investigations | Undercover Internet | Loss prevention | Intellectual property investigations | Physical security | Fraud | Threat assessments | Strategy | Training | Law enforcement liaison