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The Internet Investigators (TII) is a CA licensed private investigations agency (PI 28179) and corporation specializing in complex online investigations and legal services. Clients turn to TII when they’re looking for deep experience and products prepared from the enforcement perspective.

The top reasons for choosing us as your Internet Investigator.
Deep experience. Detailed analysis. Discovery matters.

The TII difference is strategic. Each product is delivered from an enforcement perspective knowing that testimony is always a possibility. Clients trust our technical expertise and our court experience.  It’s a decision that also protects their internal documents and procedures from unnecessary exposure in a defense inquiry.

We are The Internet Investigators

The Internet Investigators’ (TII)  Online / Intellectual Property Mission: Detect, Disrupt, Protect.

Innovative and law abiding. The Internet Investigators is a licensed private investigative agency and California corporation striving to provide cutting edge services to clients with strict adherence to federal and state laws.

The TII difference is strategic. Each product is delivered from a detailed enforcement perspective. How we prepare it makes all the difference. Evidence is preserved in accordance with the U.S. Federal Rules of Evidence.

Security First. Businesses are constantly under cyber attacks aimed at posting sensitive documents and communications online. TII mitigates this risk by distributing reports and evidence to clients via expiring links and client logins to TII’s encrypted drive.

Self Improvement. The Internet is a moving target. TII is continually conducting research and undergoing training to keep pace with technology and the needs of our clients.

Fees. TII provides flat fees and Not-To-Exceed estimates with updates throughout your project. We update you throughout the project and balance your interests with your goals and budget in mind.

Time is sensitive for most of our clients.  Their targets often make adjustments in different time zones and at odd hours.

The Internet Investigators acts and responds swiftly to the task at hand 24/7. Rest assured that each email is treated just like a report of investigation: comprehensive and strategic.

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Web Preservation / Reports & Monitoring
IP Address / DNS troubleshooting
Domain & Social Media investigation
HTML & Media analysis
Packet analysis / web debugging

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