The Internet Investigators advantage

There are good reasons why clients hire The Internet Investigators.

  • Deep experience

  • Detailed analysis

  • Discovery matters

Our clients are looking for a technical expert who can also represent them well in court.  They know that screenshots are not enough and that our reports are detailed and the evidence will be prepared in accordance with the Federal Rules of Evidence.

The Internet Investigators’ Core Services

When it comes to online brand and intellectual property protection, one proverb is consistently true:  Know your enemy.

The more you know about online threats, the more effective the enforcement will be. We define your online threats and produce reports, evidence, and recommendations from a strategic perspective.

We are not a link collection service. We are investigators and we apply over 20 years of online enforcement experience into each product from landscape intelligence and evidence collection to Intermediary referrals and team training. We provide the blueprints for success.

Your online solution begins here.


Consultation Hours

You have The Internet Investigators on-call. Use consulting hours to troubleshoot investigations, get trained, or gain strategic advice.

Evidence Collection

Evidence Collection

Capture, preserve, and archive. Support the findings and referrals thoroughly with everything from screenshots to controlled buys.

Investigative Reports

Investigative Reports

The most detailed Notes, Briefs, and Reports of Investigation in the industry for launching referrals and explaining complex, technical subjects.

Intelligence Landscapes

Intelligence Landscapes

Landscapes are the foundation of any enforcement program. Get charts, screenshots, trends, IDs, and strategies for targeting top online threats.

Enforcement Referrals

Enforcement Referrals

Cripple online threats by disrupting key resources and revenue streams ranging from domains and hosting to advertising and payment processing.

Program Development

Program Development

Launch new programs and global investigative programs with a mentor. We’ll prepare landscapes and help launch policies and initial referrals.

Industry Experience

Motion Picture

10+ years

Drug & Pharma

16 years

Consumer Goods

2 years

Games & Software

2 years

Govt Liaison

20+ years

Litigation Support

20+ years

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Our core tech skills include:

Advanced domain & social media search skills
Traceroutes / IP address troubleshooting
Packet analysis
Web scraping
Web & App debugging

Here’s what clients have to say

“It is really our luck and pleasure to be able to count on your exceptional service.”