How to Train Your Investigators

Internet investigations training by

NetBootCamp is the training program that we developed for corporate and law enforcement clients. It was designed to train new hires in the full-range of investigations from basic Internet to website investigations and social media research.

We’ve trained investigators from over 40 countries since 1995 and we’re providing free search tools to assist investigators through the process.  Check out the classes and the tools on

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Bootcamp Track 1:
Introduction to IP addresses and networks. Geo-location, traceroutes, ISPs and ASNs, DNS, Reverse Whois, advanced search, and more.

Courses include How The Internet Works, Investigation Tools, Search Techniques, HTML for Investigators, IP addresses, Traceroutes, Email investigations, and Anonymous surfing.

Bootcamp Track 2:
Introduction to domain and operator investigations: HTML, related websites, revenue, e-commerce, streaming, downloads, counterfeits, and more.

Courses include Domain investigations, Related Websites, Hosting and DNS, e-Commerce, Payment Processing, Ad Revenue, Media (images, streaming and live video).

Bootcamp Track 3: Introduction to screen name and social network investigations: Extract data from profiles and images, associate and connect profiles, verify identities.

Courses include Screen names, forums, Facebook, Twitter,  Instagram,, and more.

Bootcamp Track 4 : This section focuses on the best practices and tools for documenting and preserving online evidence.

The discussion includes screenshots, archives, backups, HTML, and the best practices for undercover operations, payment processing, web scraping, report writing, and more.